History has shown, at various times; that women’s voices are exactly the medicine needed.

In the 1850’s, Florence Nightingale was sent by British Sec. of War Sidney Herbert to Scutari, in the Crimea; where soldiers were dying of dysentery at ten times the rate they were dying of bullets! She identified the culprit as lack of hygiene in the barracks and hospitals. The women were initially ignored by the male doctors, so they waited, keeping to themselves as conditions worsened. Finally, in dire desperation, the men asked for their help.

The nurses, trained by Nightingale herself, worked within principles of Health & Hygiene, rather than those of medicine. It is often debated that “Nightingale pulled a dead horse out of the water supply”.

This actual event was a metaphor for what she saw was needed; they cleaned out the germs. She was a hero, turning the war around back then for the British armies.

Today, our diseases are less blatant, and more insidious – but still in need of balance, adding more of the feminine principle.

Unregulated toxins are entering our food, air, and water at never-before levels, affecting our hormones and brains in tragic ways. Not since all of Rome was poisoned by lead in the aqueducts, have we seen entire nations of people acting so strangely.

In our country – at this time – there is rampant worship of money, such that Jesus would have thrown them out. Divisive forces seek to pull the fabric of our country apart, for nothing more than their own personal greed. Women’s voices are again the medicine needed to turn things around.

We are “Mamas” – women who follow the love in our hearts to make healthy changes, women who care about our future, and our legacy.

Today, we raise our children with love, knowing that greedy citizens are running companies that poison the very air our children breathe. Women make love to men who lobby for “clean coal” nuclear power, full knowing that there is no such thing as “clean coal”. Women’s voices are silent, because our culture does not make room for them.

Amazing Mentors opens a door that cannot be closed…

Women’s voices are the missing ingredient in conversations that impact us all — and the future of our planet.

Nurses, women, and all who care…must speak out – loudly – on behalf of our sensitive and frail citizens, our children; and our children’s children.

The future is in our hands!


We must use our voices for healthy change, wherever we find our selves!

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