SatiaRich and I both love learning about the healing arts and have spent decades exploring new ways to help people feel better. Our extreme focus on healing, however, left us a bit in the dark concerning our money. I had always felt that I had an intuitive understanding of energy and that money is a form of energy, so I figured we’d be fine. Neither of us enjoys bookkeeping, accounting, or anything related to numbers. As long as we could pay the bills, we were good. During those younger years, with three small children, our focus was our family.

When the IRS decided to audit our books, we thought we were fine. After all, for years we had been paying a service to get us “audit ready” (at least that’s what their tape says when they put you on hold). Imagine our surprise when we found out that our books were a total mess. I prayed for a kind, compassionate excellent bookkeeper. Along came Satia. From the moment we met, I knew we had been saved. I hope you enjoy learning about this unusual bookkeeper!