Mastery Modeling is the greatest kept secret ever.


This book introduces the idea of “Mastery Modeling” to the public, showing how women are changing our world for the better.  Each woman’s story is a testament to our shared strength; together they amaze!

Empowerment research inspired my personal and professional life.

Dr. Albert Bandura, Psychology Professor at Stanford, spent decades exploring mechanisms of empowerment. I closely read and followed his work.  I also adored writings of Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, and others who have shared thoughts on “power”.

Bandura later showed that, in addition to being given skills, tools, information, and support, people progress most directly via “mastery modeling”.   Follow those who model what you want to become.

 We each change the world; by seeking and becoming our best.

Who Should Read This Book?

 If you want to live your fullest best life – at any age – this is a book for you.  The world can only be its best when your light shines brightly in it.

 If you still have dreams, no matter how buried under they may be, this book delivers!

Though written for women, I hope it inspires sensitive, caring men…

Surrounding your self with strong caring women is a most direct path to your power.

Create your circle of mentors today; we women can restore better balance to our world.

A Book to Change Your Life!

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