A new breed of women, we are “not your mama’s mama.”

The new, mature woman is a hot commodity. Each of us lives a very full life and is on top of her game, with great friends, abundant vision, and a shared dream to leave the world better than it is today!

We are mothers, grandmothers, nurses, therapists and friends. As women who nurture the best in life, we are also activists, advocates, and mentors. We see places that need fixing. Using our wisdom, grace, and vision, we inspire healthy change. We are committed to doing our best, to improve the plight of all living creatures, and of our Earth. We are guided to speak out for causes that matter. We cannot be silenced. We are a mighty force.

We invite you to get to know each of our Amazing Mentors by clicking on her photo below:

Woolsey HS New(1)

Lynn Woolsey


Medea Benjamin


Dorothea Hover-Kramer


Shalamah Yahchove

Venus 2

Venus Maher


Kathleen Shaffer


Kaye Henzerling