LK[1]Lynn Keegan, RN, PhD, AHN-BC, FAAN is a leader in the holistic health arena, and currently works as Director of Holistic Nursing Consultants. She was President of the American Holistic Nurses Association for several terms. She has been a role model, trusted advisor, and friend. She and Barbara Dossey have worked on many exciting nursing projects together, some of which I was fortunate enough to collaborate with them on. They are expert mentors and leaders.

Lynn was elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and is board certified as Advanced Holistic Nurse by the American Holistic Nurses Association. She is past president of the American Holistic Nurses Association and is on the board of many organizations and journals. She has delivered scores of presentations in numerous countries throughout the world and served as editor for a series of holistic nursing books by a major nursing publisher. She has been on the faculty of several prominent universities. In 1991 she received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Cornell University – New York Hospital School of Nursing, and is a five-time recipient of the prestigious American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award.

Recognized as a world leader, Lynn models a quiet strength and dignity, a commitment to lighting the way for other women. At home, she is mother, grandmother, wife, and author. Lynn is a truly precious person, beloved by many. Between her children, grandchildren, Golden Room creations, holistic nursing endeavors, and writing, she is a woman on fire! Her grace and charm are rare, and welcome in today’s hectic society. Her wisdom is a gift to our world. I honor her as a colleague – and as a dear friend.