Laurina(2)Laurina and her husband traveled all the way from Amsterdam to see my husband and me in our medical practice, because she was not getting the help she needed for her thyroid care in Holland. Laurina said that she felt very inspired by our books, where she said she found deep caring and understanding of the processes of healing. That gave her hope and made her want to see us.

In meeting her, we instantly saw so many parallels in our lives, as women, mothers, and healers. She is a psychologist, interested in women’s issues and married to a dynamic and visionary physician. It was a perfect fit. Laurina was one of the first psychologists in Holland to major in psychology and psychotherapy of women.

Spending time with Laurina was truly a gift. Now I share her with you. We are so fortunate to know such great women who give so much back to life. While she is a very multifaceted person, I may not be able to capture the depth of her essence in this interview, but I have tried. Here she shares her story, her passion and her love for children.

Speaking with Laurina recently reminded me of the wonderful gifts she models for our world. Despite her ongoing health challenges, which many of us sensitive women face, she speaks with crystal clarity, explaining “It is important that we learn from each other how to live.” Together, we can create a better model for women; one that honors who we are, how we operate, and what we need.

I send blessings to dearest sister, Laurina, whose light helps heal our world.