KayeI first met Kaye through mutual friends who used her services for a home purchase in our area. When it was our time to buy a house in the same county, Kaye showed me my dream house, the very first house we looked at; I purchased it and loved it. Not only did I just love being with Kaye, as I still do years later, but I always felt there was something so special about her. She is very wise, funny, and able to maneuver well through the stresses of life. She brings her wonderful humor into every situation she faces. To me, that makes her a Really Hot Mama.

If anyone could turn the stress of home buying and selling into a fun experience, it’s Kaye, who continues to ride the up and down waves of the housing market for decades with a peaceful and wise heart. And still, when you look at her picture here, can you see that impish glow in her eyes? Knowing Kaye has lent lightness to my life that I love.

There is something magical about this woman; she seems to always be laughing, at least inside. I think Kaye genuinely loves people, loves life, and makes the most of it. She is inspirational in the way she lives her own life, maintaining a balance that keeps her enjoying it. If there was a way to encapsulate her strengths, I would. Sharing her philosophy is the best way I know to spread her wealth. I hope you enjoy her story, with words to inspire us all.