KathleenWe live in a quaint small 7,000 resident town called Sebastopol, an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. And Kathleen, our city councilwoman, walks to every home in our community, meeting the people and hearing their concerns. She then brings those ideas back to city council, where she fights for what she, and our residents, believes is just and fair.

Though Kathleen is someone I met more recently, I find her exceptionally inspiring in many ways. She performs her work with great enthusiasm, as if born for this role.

As president of the homeowners association in a senior living park, I invite Kathleen to attend our HOA meetings, providing us a valuable direct link to our city council. She’s fought for us and guided us in our process with excellent results and though not all will agree with certain decisions, she is universally respected for her attention and caring.

I feel supported and nourished by her willingness to help our citizens, and seniors.