Jan DiSanto HeadshotI first met Jan Di Santo when we both attended a parents’ introduction to a public school in Mill Valley CA, where we once lived. With her crystal necklace and trim style, I felt we would be friends. Over the years, our kids were in various classes together. Jan and her psychiatrist husband, Peter, have lovely kids, and I’ve enjoyed watching them mature. We’ve all matured over all these years. And Jan and her husband have been loyal participants in an ongoing river gathering we hold every summer.

Jan is an experienced therapist and guide with over 35 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families with a wide variety of issues. She integrates her intuitive sensitivity with traditional psychodynamic concepts with contemporary methods such as EMDR, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral, experiential, and attachment and systems theories.

Fascinating to me, Jan and I have similar backgrounds. We were both second children in a big household, were responsible for caring for our siblings, and both had a mother that raged. We also both received our master’s degree in psychiatric nursing through an NIMH Grant. We traveled very similar roads.

In her own delightful way, Jan remains a beacon of light in the Marin county community, successful in her work and personal life. She maintains a lovely home and garden, part way up on our beloved mountain, Mt. Tamalpais. I want you to hear her words, for while she wishes to maintain a certain comfortable degree of anonymity; she also would like to share her wisdom. She is a beautiful model of an actualized woman, living a full rich life.