MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHeather Losee is a research nurse who lives in San Francisco CA. We met decades ago, when Heather was working in the education department of the VA Hospital in San Francisco. Thanks to Heather, I was able to teach Healing Touch and other holistic courses to the VA nurses there. It was empowering to help nurses in hospitals learn to reclaim their health. It was also my honor.

Heather is a natural born friend. When she befriends you, it is for life. She is an expert role model and truly an angelic human.

She remains surprisingly active, enriching the lives of her partner, many friends and family members; taking fun trips, working, and living a full and joy-filled life.

Her story below reflects the reasons we, “friends of Heather,” feel so fortunate. Beautiful inside and out, she is one of the wisest and kindest women I have ever known. Her friendship to our family has enriched us all.

Good friends bring magic to our lives; don’t leave home without one!