Dr. Gladys McGareyWhen Rich and I were young and living in Hawaii, and I was pregnant with my first, I had a very powerful dream one night. A woman with dark piercing eyes, and a graying bun looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Go to Phoenix.” I had awakened Rich, shaking, so powerful was this dream. Within me a seed began to grow. Maybe it was time to leave the island.

The next thing we knew we had our belongings shipped from Hawaii to Phoenix. Rich was hired to be a GP attending home births with Dr. Gladys, who turned out to be the woman from my dream, with gray hair and the bun.

I watched Dr. Gladys one night over thirty years ago, attending a birth that lasted for twelve hours. As she hovered over the birthing woman, sweat dripping down her ageless face, I wondered where she got the strength to keep doing such unpredictable and difficult work.

She explained right then, as if she heard my question that we all have infinite energy available to us at all times to accomplish our goals. We simply have to tap into the source of infinite energy and we can accomplish anything we set out to do. I knew she was right; I knew that since ancient times, women have lived difficult lives without the resources we have today.

Eventually, that night a ten pound baby was born. The smiles and joy at the end far outweighed the challenges of giving birth, even to such a large baby. I loved having the opportunity to work alongside this special woman doctor and to learn from her secrets.

Our first child, Shauna Lani, was born in Phoenix with the help of Dr. Gladys. During our time studying with her, we learned some amazingly effective and affordable natural remedies for baby and mother care. Being able to offer simple relief to my baby, as a new mother, allowed me a greater sense of efficacy and mastery; I recommend these for all mothers.

To this day, Dr. Gladys remains a blessed “auntie” to our family. Wait until you hear her story! How many of us can claim such unusual beginnings?