DorotheaI met this next special woman while studying energy therapies as part of my involvement with the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). She immediately struck me as having unique gifts and talents. To the surprise of those who knew her, Dorothea died on January 15, 2013, of apparent heart attack. Her contributions live on, within us all.

She was beautiful and seemed to have vibrant, bounding energy. Her background in professional nursing was augmented by advanced studies in psychology leading to more than thirty years of private practice as a psychotherapist.

Her most stunning contribution to the health care world was her work in defining and validating the use of energy therapies as a complement to mainstream treatments. She was a founding elder of Healing Touch and more recently co-founded the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).  In the 1990s, I spent a few years traveling, learning and working with her, and together we wrote a book on the use of energy therapies for psychotherapists (Energetic Approaches to Emotional Healing, Delmar/Cengage Press, 1997).

Her story is amazing, as a woman surviving great obstacles to become whole and healthy. Note how she sought guidance both from spiritual resources as well as from “angels without wings,” to bring healing to others. Enjoy and be inspired!