I am often asked the question, “What makes a good mentor”?
My hunch is that these qualities may vary for each woman.

MentorsIn my own personal experience, expert mentors share certain strength and qualities that attract me to them:
Caring compassion
Empathy (vs sympathy; they empower vs enable)
Good listener
Strong clear speaker
Acceptance comes easy for them
they enjoy gently guiding…
For me, especially in the writing of the AMAZING MENTORS book,
it was crucial that I select women who seemed to be enjoying Life.
I know that a picture is worth a thousand words,
but having the real vital woman standing in front of you, living her joy — is worth a thousand pictures..
Who would YOU want to be like —
the unhappy mother raging at everyone around her
the joyful woman who has made peace with her past, and is joyfully modeling for our grand-childrens’ future.
Girls needs to see happy older women!
No one can make us happy but us. May as well get started…
Enjoy the ride!
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