Wilbur sign

This event became special because of the heart of one woman – Chiropractor and Maori-trained healer; the Director of Massage Services at Wilbur Hot Springs, a beautiful healing sanctuary in Northern CA.; Dr. Shalamah Yahchove.

This beautiful Mama, an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable healer, has touched my body, soul, and spirit deeply, over years; with her raw courage, honest wisdom, and vision. She invited her niece from far away, who sadly could not get a flight. She also invited two of her soul sister’s, beautiful women from the East Bay, who blessed us all with their joy.

She knew that all we needed was a few good women and poof! Like combustion, we burst into stories, laughter, and tears; and it lasted all weekend; this past weekend, at Wilbur.

These two beautiful black mama’s came into the magical Wilbur kitchen, where people from every walk of life cook dinner in a lovely shared space. Others seemed to move aside, as these women cooked up a crazy storm of love, right there in that Wilbur kitchen. Chicken wings with cooked berry-dipping sauce; delicious guacamole with onion and chips (yum!), as we all gathered around the large table. Just when we thought we were done, a very significant 3-layered coconut cake was delivered, thanks to the lovely women of the Housekeeping Department at Wilbur. Learning that they had baked this cake for us nearly made me weep…

After a while, someone suggested they bring on the cookies. I thought it was a joke, but next thing I knew, in walks the lovely Cuban-Jamaican goddess “Linnett” with fresh baked, gluten free cookies, as food flowed long after dark.

It was Shalamah, the queen of this event, who coordinated and created it all. Shalamah, the massage goddess, who made her decision to come out of hiding and be Queen for a Day.

Wilbur gateHeather commented several times that she had never seen Shalamah laugh so much – and I saw the same; a happy woman, coming out of hiding, regaling in all her splendor, surrounded by her sisters.

There were other characters, including the social worker from Santa Cruz, who was dragged into playing guitar as we sang. The next night, his fingers aching, he played again, for as long as he could. Such a good sport, Michael even joined us for a woman’s circle, sharing wise words with us.

It felt like we had traveled far and wide, to a different realm, where time stood still,  and food flowed with Irish melodies and laughter.

We felt Pure Joy, filling us up from within, as loving food filling our hearts.

I highly recommend creating spontaneous joyful events, whenever we can, in our markets & towns, Where laughter rings loud for all to hear…and the lies are finally drowned.





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