Amazing Mentors is a book to remind women of how great we really are and how far we have come.

It tells of women, power, and mastery modeling; of women evolving and to be fuller, and more real.  Ultimately it shows how  women enrich each other – and change the world for the better.  Ultimately it shows how women enrich each other – and change the world for the better.

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“I predict a day when we birth a cultural awareness that taps the wisdom of women for the greater good.  May every page of this book inspire every age of woman— girl, teen, young adult, adult, mature women and crone.” – Karilee Shames, author

The book tells the stories of twenty powerful women, including a Congresswoman, a Military General, and the Mother of Alternative Medicine.  These are the influential forces that mentored the author while she grew up, written for one simple reason: our culture needs to recognize the influence women have on our communities and our world.

The stories of 20 women reveal the inner drive and fortitude characteristic of all great people. The facts inspire without having to embellish. You may be amazed at their words.

I am deeply touched that these wonderful wise women are willing to share their stories, dreams and secrets with us. Listening to our “mamas” can save us a whole lot of time & effort!

Published by Inkwell Productions.

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