sha3103-300I want to share a beautiful woman with you, someone I met during my personal times of need.

Some massage therapists do a good job, but Dr. Shalamah Yahchove is in another category altogether. Her name, “Shalamah,” means perfection. She is the woman who touches me when I need massage at my favorite hot springs, in the mountains in California; her touch has inspired my soul. While I have been receiving massage regularly for my healing since age 27, this is one woman whose touch worked miracles for me.

She is not only a massage-touch-therapist, she is also a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic), a course of study that takes 4-years to complete. But she didn’t stop learning there. She also has learned from native healers in various parts of the world.

I sense that I may have more bodily aches and pains than many others; though I may never know whether or not this is true. Unusual about my body is that while it was forming, inside the uterus of my mother, she was stricken with polio (which apparently does cross the placental barrier). She had excruciating headaches, which I was also plagued with for much of my adult life. I consider massage a way to help my body keep going, feel better, and perform at is optimal level. I am a dancer as well, and massage truly helps. I remain deeply grateful for her wisdom as it is shared here.